Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Strategic Stamping...masking right on your stamp

Ever have a stamp that you want to use, but there is a part of it that doesn't work for your design? Or one that is a phrase all in one line and you wish it were in two? Here's a great tip for you then! Take a piece of regular Scotch tape and place it right on the rubber over the part of the stamp that you don't want to print. Ink your stamp and then remove the tape, stamp your image and the parts you wanted to eliminate didn't print. If it is a stamp of a phrase that you want to break up, just put tape over the part you want on the second line, ink, remove tape and stamp. Clean stamp, cover the part you already stamped with tape, ink, remove tape and stamp below the first line. I use this all the time in my stamping.
-Robin Willis, TPE design team

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