Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recycled Palettes

Instead of throwing out plastic packaging keep it to use for a mini paint tray when you're painting your chipboard.
-Trudi Wilbur, TPE design team

When you print out something that you only need for a short time, don't just throw it away when you are done. If you aren't planning to properly recycle it, use it for under your work area. I have a small stack of papers on my desk at all times. I work over them. They are great for stamping off the edge of cardstock, inks, paints, glues, etc. You won't get your desk messy and they last a long time. When it gets way too painty and gunky, then it has lived its life and you can move down to the next layer.
-Robin Willis, TPE design team

Use old phonebooks for gluing, etc. Once a page is all gluey, just turn to the next page and you have a brand new palette.
-Robin Willis, TPE design team

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