Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Help with rhinestones...

It's not always easy to pull the rhinestones off their backing without leaving behind the sticky tack. With scissors, make slight cuts between the rhinestones. They will come right off.
-Lori Roop, TPE design team

An easy way to hang onto those bitty rhinestones or gems......Use a paper piercer to remove them. They stick to the tip of it like a magnet.
-Lori Roop, TPE design team

I bought an alphabet set of rhinestone sticker really cheap !!! Love that word 'cheap' and guess what happened to Z and Q??? Or any of the letters/shapes you don't need....cut between them with the scissors to get really useful tiny gems. Great way to use the extra bits.
-Ann Cutts, TPE design team

Need a specific color of rhinestone and only have clear? Place how many you need down on the sticky side of a piece of tape to hold them. Then, use a Sharpie marker (or other permanent marker) of the color you need and color it. This can also be done with buttons, brads, dew drops, etc to customize to your project. I buy alot more of the clear, silver and white of things and just make them the color I want with inks, markers, paints, etc.
-Robin Willis, TPE design team

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